Yoga is....
Where to find classes...

Yoga at the Grange
931 Main Road, Westport Central Village

Tuesday & Thursday:  8:00am - 9:30am
Tuesday, November 6 - 27
Four Weeks, $60
Thursday, November 1 - 29
(No class on Thanksgiving!)
Four Weeks, $60

6:00pm ~ 7:30pm

Yoga for the Middle Years at the Little Compton Wellness Center
115 East Main Road, Little Compton, RI
Wednesdays:  9:00am - 10:00am
Wednesdays:  4:30pm ~ 5:30pm

My classes are designed for those who are new to the practice of yoga, who have physical issues that need more focused awareness and attention, or want to learn how to be more gentle with themselves.
The invitation is extended to anyone who desires an opportunity to work within their own realm of experience and to dive more deeply into their practice...
physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually...
and just maybe, transform their lives!!


I also offer Yoga Therapy as private instruction to personalize your practice to suit your need
We consider the physical postures, breathing and meditation practices that would particularly benefit your body and being as well as how to create harmony and balance in your inner and outer worlds.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ancient practice based on body/mind wisdom and spirituality.

...much broader and deeper than just the physical.

...NOT an "exercise" program although the body is the vehicle for the process of changing and transforming our lives. 

...a practice and a way of living which encompasses the potentiality of becoming who we really are - in this lifetime - in each moment - through conscious awareness and choice.
There are presently many styles, methodologies, and paths to explore.
Yoga today exists in many forms, each of which involves a wide variety of postures and breathing techniques to improve physical fitness
and well-being.
Traditional Yoga encompasses a spiritual component to further one's understanding of the connection between the individual and the cosmos.

The most important thing is to discover the path and the practice that is just right for you.
More about Karen...
I was introduced to Yoga in the early 1970's and had such an integrated experience that I have sought this way of learning and teaching through my own practice. 
My path has taken me through many styles and methodologies as well as wonderful teachers of Yoga. 
Since I began teaching in the early 1990's I have integrated what has made sense to me for my own growth and evolvement. This process has shaped and formed the way that I offer yoga to others.

I am certified in Kripalu Yoga which focuses on using the practice of yoga as a way to transform our lives, on the mat during our practice, and off the mat in our everyday lives.
With the focus on creating mindfulness and presence, we invite the mind home to reside in the heart, sipping the sweet nectar of union and wholeness. 
We enter into the physical postures with attention on alignment of the body, along with awareness on sensation and energy flow. 
We use the breath to focus our attention, on what's happening in the present moment. 

Through cultivating our practice of body and breath awareness, we begin to listen more deeply to ourselves and to each other. 
We learn to transform who we "think" we are into who we "really" are. 
We learn to live from the inside out, in touch with that eternal essence of being, living fully in connection with our deepest selves as we move through the world.