DreamWeaving Circles...
We gather and weave together.
Through gathering together, we create a group energy.  Within this group energy we create a stronger connection with our Dreaming Selves and a deeper understanding of what the Dreamscape has to offer us, as individuals and as a part of the whole.
We create a community of Dreamers who have the courage to
"live our dreams."
As the facilitator and teacher, Karen focuses on processes that assist in connecting more deeply to the Dreaming Self.
The members of the Circle offer insight and support to each other.
Through witnessing and sharing with others, we learn more about ourselves.
DreamWeaving Circles are limited to small groups of Dreamers (even if you don't remember your dreams, you are a "Dreamer") and are scheduled for a particular period of time. 
During this period of time the Circles are closed. 
The intention is to build trust and group energy which enables the group to explore and to dive more deeply into the messages of the dreams and into themselves.
There are times when the Circles are open for new members to join.

If you have an interest in joining a Circle, or creating a Circle,
please contact Karen by calling or emailing ~

Our Dream Circle
is beginning

  We meet once a month.

If you are interested and desire more information or wish to join, please email or call.
If you and your friends are interested in forming a Dream Circle, contact me for more information.