Yoga Therapy
Integrating body, mind and spirit!
"The intention of Yoga is to draw the fragmented parts of Self back home to the heart to sip the sweet nectar of our essence of being."  Rama Berch

Yoga Therapy serves as a bridge to integration and wholeness.  It is a one-on-one modality that combines bodywork and yoga postures, breath and energy awareness, self-inquiry, meditation, creative expression and more. 
This practice draws all parts of self into the process ~ the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being ~ back home to the heart.

We begin life in this soft, pliant, energetic body.  In the beginning, we have no words for our experiences.  We are dependent on our bodies through body language and energy to communicate with others and the world.

And the body is recording and storing every experience ~~ sometimes without words ~~ whether it is in our conscious memory or awareness or not.

Even if we had the best of childhoods, there are events in our life's journey which can be scary, wounding, and traumatizing from a child's perspective.
If we have not integrated these experiences, they become energy patterns which are stored in the body/mind.

Even with talk therapy, we cannot always reach into these storage areas for release, understanding and healing.
When we engage the body in a mindful and conscious way, the body can begin to inform us of what lives within that storage area along with the impact it is having on our every day lives.

Yoga Therapy builds the communication lines between the body and the mind, the heart and the head.

"Yoga is not about teaching you to stand on your head.  It's about teaching you to stand on your own two feet!"  Kripalu Magazine, 1995